Word Cloud – Student influenced Input

Activities that create student driven compelling input are powerful. They save you time and meet students where they are at in the acquisition process.


Self Directed Reading (FVR) observations

Today students turned in Self Directed Reading Log sheets with 22 reading sessions logged.  We started the semester reading for 5 minutes twice a week.  We are now reading for 8 minute sessions.  I'm happy with the progress and overall students are progressing and demonstrating what they are understanding.  Here are a few observations from … Continue reading Self Directed Reading (FVR) observations

Class survey tasks to create input from discussion.

When I'm honest with myself, I admit that I'm not very good at facilitating PQA (Personalized Question and Answer) off the cuff.  PQA is definitely an area of growth for me.  I've learned quickly that I need to create context for me to successfully facilitate PQA.  One easy way to do this is through class … Continue reading Class survey tasks to create input from discussion.