Lucia, Puella Mala

I am currently working on updating information about Latin reading materials so be aware as you look at my self directed reading page. I have to be honest; as I start reading Lucia, Puella Mala that I'm skeptical based on the title.  This comes from a father of 3 girls, the oldest being 7, who … Continue reading Lucia, Puella Mala

Pluto: fabula amoris – An introduction to Classical mythological characters for the Novice reader.

Pluto:  fabula amoris by Rachel Ash and Miriam Patrick is a must add to a free volunteer or self directed reading library.  It is affordable and also has a teacher's guide. Students' feedback is that Pluto:  fabula amoris is more difficult than the Rufus titles from the Pisoverse.  My assumption is that is mostly because of a … Continue reading Pluto: fabula amoris – An introduction to Classical mythological characters for the Novice reader.

Differentiation: Pedagogy focused on relationships

I enjoy these last couple of days before finals.  As students wrap up work on final projects, for once I have many opportunities to connect with students without the pressures of a normal day.  As students approach their final projects with their own proficiency levels, interests and level of desire to complete the work I … Continue reading Differentiation: Pedagogy focused on relationships

Creating Student Driven Input: GooseChase

GooseChase is an app that allows you to create scavenger hunt type games for groups.  I first experienced GooseChase in Katherine Gales' classroom at Xavier High School last year.  Here is how I've used the app a few times: I found some items or areas in our school that relate to something we've been reading … Continue reading Creating Student Driven Input: GooseChase

Communicative Context in the Classroom.

As the year winds down I'm ready for some time to reflect.  Overall this has been a fantastic year.  There have been struggles and celebrations like any other year.  But this year, I have provided more input for all levels of students than any other year.  I've noticed a lot of posts on different social … Continue reading Communicative Context in the Classroom.