Low Prep Comprehension Based Activities

2020 and 2021 teaching for me can best be described as constant intensity. This has caused me to make choices about my professional life. Few blog posts happened during these two years. This was a necessity for me in an attempt to maintain any semblance professional balance. But along the way, I have grown tremendously. The goal of this page is to catalogue low prep ideas I have stumbled across, many times in an attempt to reduce the intensity of teaching, during these difficult years. For each activity, the goals are simple. 1. Prep-time is in the minutes range. 2. Comprehension is the focus. 3. Sometimes, collaboration happens, although this is not a necessity.


Collaborative Brainstorm
Use 2-4 different forms of a word. Groups brainstorm as many forms with the same Latin root

While Reading

Crazy Professor Reading

A role-play style whole class reading that offers students a novel interaction with a text.

Post Reading Review