Comprehensible Input Activities for Latin

Find links to blogs about certain activities that I use in my Latin classes as I continue down the road toward Comprehensible Latin.  Much of what is here can be found other places so make sure and learn from these teachers.

Magistra Arnold – Resources all in one place!  I’m so thankful for the organization and availability of so many CI resources.

Magister Toda – Find many activities under his CI Reading Strategies page.  Keith also explains his process toward comprehensible input in an authentic way that has helped me as I make the transition.

Magister Patrick – I find myself visiting the Latin Best Practices page to consider big ideas, although there are quite a few posts about specific activities that you can try right now.

Magister Piantaggini – Magister P tackles many of the tough spots of switching to CI.  Grading, management and continued focus on comprehensible input are found throughout his site.

Vocabulary Activities

Salad Bowl – A low prep, low stress way to offer students a mixer like environment to create connection and communicative context to Vocabulary.

Pre-Reading Activities

Circling – More a skill than an activity.  Essential in any comprehension based program.

Student Actors – Can be used in all kinds of activities pre and post reading.

Word Cloud – Copy and paste a text into a word cloud generator.  Display the cloud and ask for predictions.  Take predictions and create mini stories.  Turn the cloud into a partner race Vocabulary game.

Blackout Poetry – Name a theme found in a new text and have students create a poem by crossing out all words or phrases that do not fit their idea of the theme.  Use student poems for student generated read and discuss, preference survey tasks or simply a new reading.

During Reading Activities

Self Directed Reading – A form of Free Volunteer Reading (FVR) or Silent Sustained Reading (SSR).  Students choose reading selections and monitor and record their own progress.  Opportunities to respond exist with little evaluation to keep the focus on pleasure reading.

Popcorn Partner Reading – Student 1 reads a Latin sentence out loud.  Student 2 translates into English.  Students read for a set amount of time.  After the timer is complete, students can either switch partners or take another minute to create a question together to use to process the text as a group more.

True/False Partner Reading – Student 1 reads Latin out loud.  Student 2 draws a part of the read passage as either true or false to the passage.  When the timer goes off student 1 identifies if the drawing is true or false and discusses with partner 2.

Comparative Partner Reading – Student 1 reads Latin out loud.  Student 2 reorganizes the Latin sentence into an English word order.  Students discuss similarities and differences when the timer goes off.

Silent Read and Discuss – Use the power of silence to focus a class and process a text with deeper discussion.

Post-Reading Activities

Story Choice Boards – A way for students to respond to SDR reading.  Have on hand for emergency sub plans sparingly.

4 – Square Story Map – Students organize their response to a text via a 4 – square style document.

Find the Sentence – Use a variety of ways for students to reread or re-listen to a passage and interpret the correct sentence to match.

Language Tasks

Find Someone Who – Community building task with a goal of finding information about students in the class.

Class Surveys – Solicit what students think about a topic and project the data and have a class discussion about it.  Read about my example about friendship.

GooseChase Scavenger Hunt – The GooseChase app allows you to create a scavenger hunt game.  Create the clues in Latin to offer comprehensible input as students complete the game.  Use students submissions for an image talk the next day.


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