Post Reading Activities: Reading Reps on the Path to Mastery of a Text.

Facilitating re-reading of text is almost as important as facilitating initial readings of text.  Consider how often children want to read the same story for periods of time.  Kids naturally support their acquisition by rereading text.  I aim to use the activities below to invite students to reread text in a way that doesn’t feel like a re-reading.  One caveat for these types of activities is to be careful not to turn them into an assessment.  Assessment changes the outcome and students approach the text differently at that point.

Story Choice Boards – A way for students to respond to SDR reading.  Have on hand for emergency sub plans sparingly.

4 – Square Story Map – Students organize their response to a text via a 4 – square style document.

Find the Sentence – Use a variety of ways for students to reread or re-listen to a passage and interpret the correct sentence to match.