Language Tasks: Data Processing in the Target Language.

One way to create novelty is to take a break from simple reading and listening lessons with language tasks.  Bill Van Patten frequently discusses task based teaching on the Talking L2 podcast and in his recent book, While We are on the Topic.  Tasks often ask learners to uncover information about a topic or members of a class.  The data is then used to create discussion, readings and activities around the topic.

Difficult or Easy? – Use a recent topic to ask students about what they perceive as difficult or easy.  Record the data of the class.  Create a story, image, or simple assessment for the next day’s class.

Find Someone Who – Community building task with a goal of finding information about students in the class.

Class Surveys – Solicit what students think about a topic and project the data and have a class discussion about it.  Read about my example about friendship.

GooseChase Scavenger Hunt – The GooseChase app allows you to create a scavenger hunt game.  Create the clues in Latin to offer comprehensible input as students complete the game.  Use students submissions for an image talk the next day.