Vocabulary Activities: Initial interactions with input.

Find activities below to focus on interactions with vocabulary.  Some will be pre-reading types of activities and others will be review activities.  Many of these activities can be adapted to be used with little to no preparation, especially if you use a running word wall throughout the year.

Salad Bowl – A low prep, low stress way to offer students a mixer like environment to create connection and communicative context to vocabulary.  This activity is best used as a community builder, a formative assessment to see if students are acquiring structures or a review game that you control more.

Target Language Connections – Synonyms and Antonyms in the target language create strong connections for learners to previously acquired words.

Word Sort Tables – Use a recent text, discussion topic or set of vocabulary structures.  Students create categories of words in groups while you roam the room.  Use as a formative assessment and a driver of compelling student centered input.