Books that leave an impression.

Although I’m not sure who first said this, I’ve heard the phrase, “You become what you read” in many different situations.  One of the joys of teaching is that we do have some time in the summer to read what we want.  Sometimes that has nothing to do with school, but I know many of you read at least a couple of titles related to something in your classroom each summer because you continue to strive to be better.  Below are books that have left an impression with me linked to blog entries with my thought toward them.  Many cover second language acquisition or classroom management as those are the 2 practices I find myself consistently adjusting.

Classroom Management


  • The SSR Handbook:  How to Organize and Manage a Sustained Silent Reading Program by Janice Pilgreen with a forward by Stephen D. Krashen.  A must have resource for starting a classroom reading program.