Acquired Controversies

Sometimes things come up in the classroom or my journey in proficiency based teaching that I’m not confident in an answer.  Writing helps me process these moments.  Find raw posts below around topics that I am still developing a schema and answers for within the context of my classroom.

Active versus Grammar Translation – Why I don’t subscribe to the idea of active Latin.

Classics student enrollment – What will the numbers look like post 2020?

Deficit Thought in Education – Deficit thought models focus on errors and what students cannot do.  In my view, it is one of the most dangerous perspectives to engage in within education.

Differentiation – A relationship focused perspective.

Error Correction – Should we or shouldn’t we?  Initially, my thoughts and reading led me to say error correction has no place in a classroom.  But with a further conversation and listening to specific talking L2 episodes centered around error correction I’m led to the idea that error correction is useful when focused on meaning but useless when focused on form.

Establishing meaning – I need to explore this idea more, but this initial post explores the use of Latin synonyms and antonyms in the process.

Grading Practices – How do we assign a grade to acquisition.

Grading Part 2 – Daily interactions and assessments

Home School – a list of activities and ways to adjust them for at home learning.

Homework– As my children progress, I find homework less and less appealing.  When I do give homework it is based in standards, started in class, offers opportunities for choice and can be completed quickly.

Listening Materials – Can we create more novice level materials in Latin?

The roads to comprehension based teaching – It is clear to me there is not one way to implement comprehension based teaching.

21st Century Skills – No, using a paper dictionary is not a 21st century skills.