Iter Icari: Classical Mythology in Miami.

As I continue to update my self directed reading page I'm amazed at how many titles available to us to build libraries for students.  Iter Icari is a must have title that weaves Greek mythology into a modern setting. Iter Icarus is a great story line for a student who is firmly at Novice High … Continue reading Iter Icari: Classical Mythology in Miami.

Brando Brown canem vult: Borderline believable plot that fosters a compelling narrative.

Don't forget that my page on self directed reading is currently being updated.  In the next few days I should have titles organized slightly differently after some reflections as I end my school year. Brando Brown Canem Vult by Carol Gaab and translated into Latin by Justin Slocum Bailey is a student favorite.  It is interesting … Continue reading Brando Brown canem vult: Borderline believable plot that fosters a compelling narrative.

Lucia, Puella Mala

I am currently working on updating information about Latin reading materials so be aware as you look at my self directed reading page. I have to be honest; as I start reading Lucia, Puella Mala that I'm skeptical based on the title.  This comes from a father of 3 girls, the oldest being 7, who … Continue reading Lucia, Puella Mala

Self Directed Reading (FVR) observations

Today students turned in Self Directed Reading Log sheets with 22 reading sessions logged.  We started the semester reading for 5 minutes twice a week.  We are now reading for 8 minute sessions.  I'm happy with the progress and overall students are progressing and demonstrating what they are understanding.  Here are a few observations from … Continue reading Self Directed Reading (FVR) observations

Student Actors: When you just can’t come up with compelling; lean on your students.

Reader's theater creates a compelling image for students to review an action packed text. Combine an extension of input by stopping the acting and asking more questions and this is a powerful bridge technique between new input and review.