Pluto: fabula amoris – An introduction to Classical mythological characters for the Novice reader.

Level C books should be around the Novice high range.  Other titles in level C are:

Coronis – An adaptation of Ovid’s story about Coronis and Apollo.  Will Andromachus acquire pearls for Coronis?

Lucia Puella Mala– Follow Lucia throughout her escapades around her Roman house and family.

Sacri Pulli – Sacred chickens, a chicken caretaker and Roman history all bundled into one clever story.

Pluto:  fabula amoris by Rachel Ash and Miriam Patrick is a must add to a free volunteer or self directed reading library.  It is affordable and also has a teacher’s guide.

Students’ feedback is that Pluto:  fabula amoris is more difficult than the Rufus titles from the Pisoverse.  My assumption is that is mostly because of a slightly expanded vocabulary in comparison to the entry level Pisoverse titles.  Pluto:  fabula amoris also uses a subject, object, verb word order early in the story which offers Novice level students exposure to a Latin word order that is different than the English word order to which they are accustomed.

A student will encounter some basic information about the family line connected to Pluto.  The drama and sometimes cruel nature of the gods are displayed through the character of Proserpina.  Proserpina struggles with her fate yet she is not left alone to suffer through it.

The story offers students a chance to experience the interconnections and relationships of Classical gods.  The characters are accessible and interesting.  The text also uses situations in the present and flashbacks that require usage of the past tense.  I see this title filling the needs of a Novice High Latin reader who is starting to become familiar with different tenses and some elaboration of detail within simple sentence structure.

Pick up your copy of Pluto:  fabula amoris and follow pomegranitebeginnings for more fantastic materials.



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